In doing the survey I was appalled at how leading it was to support the vaccine, claiming its safe and without upfront sharing all the facts pertaining to the adverse side effects.  More Information about the vaccine was buried deep within hyperlinks that no one would even bother to click on just to rush to fill it out.  The wording was so “manipulatively trusting”.my new term.

I did fill it out and immediately after, I felt the need to write a response directly to the school. I want to share my response here and to the world, to give one example of how to confront subtle ill will head on and through our words.  My response is specific to my community and seeks to hold leaders completely accountable for what they acquiesce too however, my response applies to ALL in the world who are about supporting & conserving humanity as a whole all across this beautiful planet. It reads below:

“I wanted to write a follow up letter to the survey that we were asked to participate in today concerning a Covid vaccine.

I did fill out the survey and I felt a need to write a response directly as well. I hope that you will forward this email to the Superintendent as well as to the CEO and Geoffrey Canada, the Father of this organization.

I do not think that this school or any person in leadership should be advocating for this vaccine. The questions in the survey frankly were very leading and leaned more in the direction of supporting the vaccine, encouraging its use versus being balanced in thought giving differing views so that the participants have these different views to consider before answering the questions.

The information about the vaccine in this survey is not providing a full disclosure of the facts behind this experimental vaccine.  People have died and have become permanently injured from this vaccine and it is a guessing game to know who will be adversely affected.  This information needs to be in the forefront of all that is spoken about it.

This vaccine has certainly not been tested properly on children either and if anyone says that it has, I need the full list disclosing what parent has put their child at risk to participate in such an experiment?

It is irresponsible and criminal in my opinion to consider this vaccine for anyone. If a child or adult is harmed the pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any deaths or harm, but trust who will be liable and that is this institution and every institution or business that decides to make this vaccine a condition of employment or enrolling in school.

We must see well into the future and the long-term agendas behind the circumstances that we are in today.  I'm not speaking on any "conspiracies" I speak on the facts of the matter at hand that many are choosing to overlook and ignore in order to comply with the narrative of this agenda.

There is an awakening of the people to the rhetoric behind Covid. We as the adults are responsible for the posterity in our community and we are doing a disservice to them by not stepping up and seeing what this really is and questioning it head on.  Many are cowing down to the system and ready to hand over our children just so they can keep their jobs, this is no longer acceptable in fact, it's very selfish, self-centered and irresponsible.

Clearly this vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL, it informs us of such, this should make us take more than two steps back in even considering it for anyone.  In fact, we should be telling our community to be very cautious in making this decision for you and your child.

There is no way possible that this Covid vaccine is safe or properly tested, according to the standard practices of science, this alone is enough reason to immediately reject it....

And the people who are more likely to want this vaccine are people who are not well informed and are only being influenced by one view. They are being influenced by FEAR to accept it, the FEAR is what is stifling their ability to THINK clearly.

These people are being taken advantage of and it is shameful and ungodly that it continues to go on.

In addition, science has proven that vaccines are harmful and cause permanent side effects including death.  I’m asking why are we continually ignoring these findings?  Asthma, being one of the main side effects of vaccines and asthma, is overwhelming plaguing our community.  We need to be educating on these facts in order to keep our community safe, healthy and away from harm.

If we are sincerely developing the future leaders of the world.  we must be the examples for them.  We must show them to think about what is being asked of them, teach them to not be afraid to speak up and show them how to take a stand.  And TRUST, that the people will support an institution that fiercely defends the truth and stands on life principles of morality and facts.

In advance, I am taking a stand and asking that you stop mandatory testing for students and staff in order to attend your school or work and that you do not participate in the requiring of a Covid vaccine or any other vaccine now or in the future (any not already required), in order to get an education or work at your institution.

I am so thankful for HCZ ( Harlem Children’s Zone) and have been involved with the program for more than 16 years, I appreciate all that it does for the community and I expect that it will take a stand on this matter and show the leadership in our society, as Martin Luther King, Jr, did, as Malcolm X did,  as Booker T. Washington did, and show the world who we are, show our children that leadership requires sacrifice & courage...and be the examples of what LEADERSHIP is for our children.

I will remain FEARLESS against a system that has historically been set up to subdue society. I expect this Institution to do the same.

With Love,

Damita Miles

“Always Thinking Outside the Box”