UNDER THE INFLUENCE – Non-consensual human experimentation

UNDER THE INFLUENCE – Non-consensual human experimentation

UNDER THE INFLUENCE – Non-consensual human experimentation

You thought the internet was big. You thought blockchain was big. This is big.

In a world where the appropriation and exploitation of the inexplicable exists, a world where the label of ‘conspiracy theorists’ is flouted around for those who dare question, examine a narrative or seek answers. It should come with some relief when declassified documents surface, providing evidence of blatant criminality, albeit scant vindication for the so-called scandalmongers. The body of declassified documents is as diverse as it is appalling, from Human Radiation experiments; Project MK Ultra; the Tuskegee syphilis experiments and the CIA’s LSD studies, to name but a few.

We battle the corporate technological behemoths like Google and Facebook, who rig algorithms to elevate or bury information we seek, including the likes of Amazon, who were caught censoring books by forbidding certain titles from being sold on their platform. The practice of blatant censorship has made it difficult to do in-depth research in order to resolve, clarify, inform and act upon accordingly, regarding pressing social issues. The purpose is ruthless, brutal, serving a select few in the quest to quell the din of query, protest and angst, against perceived injustices.

There is nothing bigger than connecting our minds to the internet - a social engineering program, the Apollo Project, entailing the storage of our DNA. In 2016, the US Government launched the $100 million “Apollo Project of the Brain”, in which the Intelligence project aimed to reverse engineer the brain to find algorithms that allow computers to think more like humans. The goal was to have the two, both brain and computer, merge. The fact that they want to do this, is public. What is not public, is how they do it. Rising at an exponential rate, the technology we are about to explore, is stored at a highly secured, classified site. An extremely sophisticated technology, guarded by the tightest security in the world and horrifying, beyond description.

DARPA, an R&D agency of the US Department of Defense, responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military, are now pioneering technology to interface our brains.

Both military and startups have developed the technologies for the social engineering program. A ‘non-invasive’ technology, by merely obtaining a complete DNA profile of an individual. By what means is our DNA harvested, remains the quiet question.

Once the DNA profile is obtained from a subject, the resonant frequency of their DNA is determined. Once determined, it is used to fine-tune the technology; the radio frequency levels; the microwave auditory effect and all other aspects of the technology, are tuned to the resonant frequency of the DNA. Electronic signals are generated which are characteristic of the DNA, decoded and fed into a super computer. Basically, DNA is digital information, moving through a tube, like a network which can be intercepted, thus making the individual an extension of the internet with the result that the individual’s thoughts can be read verbatim, as they occur in the mind.

Within the brain, there are tiny structures called microtubules, much like straws through which light flows – photons of light, really just a package of information floating around the brain which carry memories. DNA also produces microtubules. The interface between the brain and our DNA are within these biophotons.

Roger Tolces, calls the technology ‘bio-coded directed energy’, which is a top-secret development where they obtain your DNA, analyze it, enter your DNA code into a super computer that runs algorithms, which bio-code electromatic transmissions that bio-resonate with your body. Once done, they can transmit via satellite, cell phone towers, aircraft – any number of ways, a specific signal which will only affect you, because of your unique DNA frequency or on a larger scale, which I will touch on, shortly.

Every person has a unique bio-resonance from the DNA, much like our fingerprints. They are basically converting DNA information, into Ionic information, into computer information. Chiefly, they would be tracking patterns in the brain like when we’re speaking to ourselves and then matching those patterns which are entered into a database, obtained from the bio-code electromatic transmissions that bio-resonate with your body. Once the AI has established the patterns, it can begin to transmit to the target individual, who may experience voices in their head. This technology paves the way to new ways of communicating; communication with each other through the cloud without having to get on the phone and speak. It allows for the experience of induced hallucinations which they control, run by algorithms and the individual will not know the difference between reality versus virtual reality (VR/AR), like LSD, and it allows for our every thought or replaced thoughts, to be read and recorded.

The technology is so advanced and sophisticated that it is beyond description. It can tap into the optical and auditory system of an individual, which provides the ‘monitors’ of the target, visual and audio data of what the target is experiencing in real time. Our memories can be uploaded into the cloud without our knowledge or permission, retained forever and automatically backed-up. The ramifications of this technology are seriously concerning. Images can be beamed into our brains, so realistic, that we wouldn’t know the difference, including the ability to manipulate emotions - which is data, a range of which, could include depression, anger, joy, confidence, fear, hate etc., through artificial manipulation.

Far-reaching implications, extend into behavior manipulation and modification which include swaying of opinions, involving personal or group agendas, covertly conducted via frequency fields, in a geographical area affecting groups or populations, or specifically targeted individuals, all of which is, conducted remotely.

Invested interests in this level of technology by corporate and military groups, is without a doubt, treading on the sanctity and sacredness of life itself. How affected the global population currently is, is anyone’s guess, given the levels of impenetrable secrecy protecting high-level stakeholders. We need just browse through declassified material, to gain a glimpse into what could be a chasm of horror. Our constant, pressing questioning and demand of accountability, cannot and must not stop.

In closing, the means by which our DNA is obtained and/or collected, with or without our permission, should be given serious consideration when understanding that there is truly, more at stake than what we realize.