2020 Vision

Bogusz Skrzyszewski

From the exotic flu and worldwide lockdowns, through social conditioning into SEPARATION, to ridiculous rules like mask-wearing and communist tactics to destroy the economy; all this and more has appeared across the western democratic world and was soon followed by anti-police brutality protests turning into widespread looting by a criminal element. To date, 2020 already hasn't been short of interesting turns of events. International conglomerates peaked out their heads from behind the curtains, all synchronized - as if belonging to some mythical hydra-danced on national television screens accompanied by local leadership repeating the same mantra across the so-called free globe: "STAY SAFE" and stay SEPARATED (disconnected). Say nothing, as the global experiment continues with a knife on the throat of small businesses worldwide, while the biggest quadruple in worth, and monopolize the "free" market. All brought to you by economy assassins and scam artists with eugenicists for fathers, like Bill Gates. Tech giants, pharmaceutical companies and heads of states sang together as if a trained choir: a song about the well-oiled authoritarian machine of planetary domination that keeps moving; engines roar louder as even more humans look at current events with a curious thought of how reality is often stranger than fiction. Taking deep breaths of fresh air, soaking in the sunshine and basking in the glorious beauty of the gardens on Earth, all children of One God Creator and Source sang their own song. A song of Unity with Unconditional Love in their hearts and joyful smiles painted on their faces... Meanwhile, the agenda of control rolls on, as those indoctrinated into cult behaviors unknowingly tip it forward to even further revealing true intentions of the planners; by the fruit of joint labor. The very same effort they advertise loudly with pride, dressing it into a neurolinguistics programmers fantasies. "Create a problem - present a solution" PR stunts and hoax smokescreens created to hide multilateral schemes and investments of the select few. Every year more and more of us realize that someone here likes playing with human minds by creating a false perception of the reality-based in fear propaganda, that when deployed forces unprepared and uninformed into submission as we could observe in the recent months. It is becoming known how those less fortunate among us have been successfully indoctrinated into the cult of watered down political correctness, one that uses the methodical breakdown of the human psyche through trickery into falsehoods like moral relativism. All created and performed to disconnect humanity from natural order and laws of reality, laws of the cosmos. ...song of Unity and Freedom travels through the mountains and the valleys, beating its rhythm on the roofs and windows with raindrops, shimmering with winds of Change in the crowns of the oldest trees and carried across the oceans by flocks of birds. Has it reached you? Have you heard it yet?
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