America and Brazil Working Together to Combat Coronovirus

Cara Cranford

On May 31, 2020 a joint statement was released by the United States of America and the Federative Republic of Brazil regarding a cooperative health effort between the people of America and Brazil in a solidarity fight against the Coronavirus. The Trump administration recently announced the United States had given two million doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to Brazil. UNC has previously reported on the efficacy of HCQ to cure those diagnosed with the virus. Most who are prescribed hydroxychloroquine will experience relief to their respiratory system within hours of taking the drug and a reduction of fevers within one day. According to a statement released by the White House, hydroxychloroquine will mainly be used in Brazil as a prophylactic to keep healthcare workers healthy while they treat those who are infected with the virus. It will also be prescribed by physicians for patients diagnosed with the coronavirus. The two countries will continue to work together on health issues which will include a joint effort for randomly controlled clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine. These trials will help to further evaluate the safety and efficacy of HCQ for both prophylaxis and the early treatment of the coronavirus. The administration further announced that the U.S. will send 1000 ventilators to Brazil. The agreement also stated that going forward, the United States and Brazil will remain in close coordination in their shared fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing regional response to safeguard public health, further limit the spread of the coronavirus, advance the early development of a vaccine, and save lives. President Donald J. Trump and President Jair Bolsonaro have spoken twice since March 6, 2020. The two countries are well-positioned to continue working together to address the coronavirus pandemic, as well as other matters of strategic importance.
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