Black Plague Outbreak in China and Mongolia

Black Plague Outbreak in China and Mongolia

Had enough of COVID19? China announces first cases of "Bubonic Plague"The reported outbreak of bubonic  plague in Mongolia and China is not considered to pose a high risk, the  World Health Organization (WHO) has said. Further, WHO states they are  monitoring the situation. Does this sound familiar?The disease, notorious for devastating large parts of Europe, the  Middle East and Asia throughout history, has been recently detected in  Mongolia and has possibly spread into neighboring China.“We are monitoring the outbreaks in China, we are watching that  closely and in partnership with the Chinese authorities and Mongolian  authorities,” Margaret Harris said during a press briefing in Geneva.

At the moment we are not… considering it high-risk but we are watching it, monitoring it carefully.- WHO

Known as the ‘Black Death’ in Europe in the Middle Ages, the highly  contagious bacterial disease has claimed tens of millions of lives  throughout history and is responsible for at least three pandemics, the  latest one in the 19th century.

Today, antibiotics and medical advancements turned the disease from  "lethal" and responsible for wiping out entire civilizations to a  treatable infection. Typically, there are around 600 cases world-wide  each year of bubonic plague.

The "outbreak" was first detected a week ago in Mongolia where the  infection came apparently from consuming "marmots" (rodents known for  carrying the virus). China identified one single case the following  week.

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