Communism Creep - Part 2

Sandra Quinn

Communism Creep - Part 2

In our first report on the ‘slow frog boil’ of the Communist creep into the west, we examined the historical outline of their 100 year plan. Revealed in this history was the strategic infiltration of education, media and government. We also traced the path taken towards their objective of world domination through global one world governance. Their plan focuses on the destruction of capitalism through societal reforms, and possibly even an engineered economic collapse. And we learned that power and control go hand in hand.

Yuri Bezmenov, a Russian journalist and KGB informant, defected to Canada in 1970. In lectures and books, he explained the methods used by the Russian state for the gradual ideological subversion of the west. He identified 5 stages: Infiltration, Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization. Described by Bezmenov as “the slow substitution of basic moral principles”, the intent is to undermine the moral and psychological fabric of society.

In this report, we are looking at the Demoralization stage, where communists target and corrupt specific elements of society, namely: religion, education, social life, power structures, law and order and labour relations. These institutions degenerate under a steady attack of ridicule, replacement, perception inversion, and through excessive authority given to unelected bodies such as media or health bureaucrats.

These activities can be termed psychological operations, or psy-ops. They take many forms depending on their function, but all involve high levels of propaganda manipulation. These originated in the Soviet system under Lenin. In his book “New Lies For Old Ones”, author Anatole Golitsyn described three patterns of disinformation utilized to deceive and control. As an example of the weakness-diplomacy model, he described Operation Trust, a complex 1921 psy-op where infiltrators and double-agents fueled a rebel monarchist movement. Operatives were able to obtain valuable information and guide the rebel activities through false hope and trust. When the purpose of the psy-op was no longer required, the rebels were easily rounded up and eliminated.

A current example of a psy-op is readily seen in the entire Covid pandemic and resulting lockdowns. Not one of the societal pillars has escaped the demoralizing effects of this operation. In much the same manner that other tyrannical controls are implemented, the pandemic consequences expanded and contracted as the dials were slowly turned. It is easy to trace the step by step introduction of the narrative, from the “war-game” Event 201, to the expansion of the narrative through the media and government “authorities”. Carefully crafted data, alarmist international reporting, incremental precautions,  treatment suppression and civic restrictions, inevitably and gradually eradicated human rights around the globe. Compliance was deftly orchestrated through a carrot and stick approach of collective responsibility and coercive policy.

Should any doubt remain that this is a psy-op, look at a comparison of the Chart of Coercion versus COVID. The chart is drawn from the 1956 Biderman Report on communist brainwashing techniques used by China and North Korea on American prisoners. These eight methods each have a correspondence to the pandemic fallout. They are:

1. Isolation: Social distancing and isolation from loved ones deprives individuals of social support to resist.

2. Monopolization of Perception: creating monotony and boredom, dominating media coverage, as well as censorship of information frustrates all actions not consistent with compliance.

3. Induced Debility and Exhaustion: Lack of exercise and socializing, combined with tension and fear, weakens the mental and physical ability to resist.

4. Threats: Heavy fines and risk of business closure imposes consequences for non-compliance.

5. Occasional Indulgences: Small concessions such as easing guidelines are perceived as big victories, and reduce resistance to the deprivation.

6. Demonstrate Omnipotence: Forcing economic shutdown and transferring dependency to government, as well as excessive surveillance authority, demonstrates the futility of resistance.

7. Degradation: Imposing mandatory conduct such as wearing masks, standing on designated spaces, and hand sanitizing, combined with shaming of resistors, removes autonomy and personal choice, and demands subservience.

8. Enforcing trivial demands: Illogical and contradictory demands such as masking at home or during sex, reinforces who is in control, and changing rules develops a habit of compliance.

There has to be an objective in all of this. We can see the effects of the demoralization, but what are their rewards? Foremost is the profiteering afforded the oligarchs who mold this system. The Bill Gates consortium stands to reap 6.4 Trillion dollars from the covid global vaccine initiative. That pays for a lot of graft and kickbacks to fill the coffers of compliant and allied governments. The World Bank issued pandemic bonds and death bonds to raise funds. Everyone who can, is on the take during this manufactured crisis. NGO’s like FEMA and the UN also gain an authority they would not otherwise have.

The second achievement for their agenda sadly, is the eugenics movement, or population control. This sinister goal is difficult to identify and expose. Their deception is carefully couched in double-speak and complex policies. The concept has endured since the genesis of many socialist movements, such as The Round Table, The Fabian Society and Rhodes Trust. It has been openly discussed through publications by The Club of Rome, and Bill Gates has made no secret of his plan to reduce population. Between the orchestrated deaths in nursing homes, needless death from repression of treatments, and vaccine injury and death, the toll is real, just not for the reason they say. It’s a brilliant twofer, where they can exploit empathy and fear, and avoid accountability for their actions. Their goal to reduce humanity is the ultimate demoralizing fact.

The previously mentioned objective for the defeat of capitalism, to be replaced by socialism, is brilliantly executed with this pandemic narrative. Using it to justify lockdowns that inevitably create economic collapse and dependency on government, is a double hitter.

It’s also the much desired war described by the CFR in the Report from Iron Mountain. The rallying cry of crisis, that we are all in together, combined with the division created by demonizing any non-compliant rebels, is exactly the goal of social control through what they described as “a sophisticated form of slavery”.

In our next report, we will look at the next stage of subversion, Destabilization.