Global Ground Command Declares Global Marshall* Law

Global Ground Command Declares Global Marshall* Law

Global Ground Command Declares Global Marshall* Law

*spelling per the original Sun Tzu Wheel document given to Kimberly Ann Goguen.

In a report on Sunday January 17, 2021, Global Ground Command Kimberly Ann Goguen announced that Global Marshall Law has been declared in response to the actions taken by the Global Deep State against the inhabitants of earth. In her role as Ground Command of the Life Force Enforcement Unit, Kim as she prefers to be called, is the top general for this specialized fleet comprised of allies loyal to the Earth Restoration Plan. To respond to acts of war against the inhabitants of earth, these allies granted Kim permission to declare war against the Global Deep State.

In her report Kim stated: “This is a momentous day. We have approval to make the following declaration. Congratulations, you now have the Global Marshall Law that you desired… This is an official declaration of war against the Global Deep State.”

These declarations are in response to actions by the Global Deep State to attack and eliminate populations around the world that include bio-chemical warfare, biological warfare, 5G microwave radiation, and further escalation of bio weapons in the form of vaccines. Kim also described the Global Deep State’s planned operation under the direction of Space Force to create a military theater based on a fake war. Since December 8, 2020 when Space Force declared themselves “The Guardians”, they have been moving fast to impose their authority over the militaries of the world and to mobilize against the people.

Kim also described the planned operation to stage a fake alien invasion that would position the Space Force as saviours of the planet. However, while the Global Deep State has successfully used this ploy in the past with war funding released by the previous holder of Kim’s position, they now do not have access to any funds. She also warned them that they do not have access to the superior technology that the fleet under her command possesses.

In her final warning to the Global Deep State, Kim stated that “Our fleet is already in position. We will be running battle operations for as long as it takes, until our enemy is defeated or surrenders.”

According to her understanding, recent troop movements and all mandates resulting from the Covid virus are related to a new plan by the Global Deep State to impose Global Marshall Law. By way of explaining these developments, Kim presented the original Global Marshall Law Plan that had technically been in place for 16,500 years. She illustrated the hierarchy that was in place previously under the originators of the plan. Marshall law is defined as: The law applied in an occupied territory by an occupying power. It installs a military government and suspension of ordinary law. In another context, it refers to an individual in power or highest rank military officer. Her role as Ground Commander gives Kim the authority to declare Marshall Law which in turn establishes her as commanding general of the allied forces.

Kim closed out her report by discussing the objective and outcome when the war is over and the Global Deep State is eliminated. Each individual in the world will sign a Real Global Declaration of Independence, symbolizing freedom from slavery and tyranny. There will also be a Peace Treaty and a Unity Pact for all of Earth’s inhabitants. It will be up to all people to help with the authoring of these documents that will guide the future of life and peace on Earth.