Hackers Attack COVID Research Centers, Russia Blamed?

Hackers Attack COVID Research Centers, Russia Blamed?

Online Hacker Groups Target COVID19 Vaccine Research CentersWhy of Course, it has to be the  "Russians" states the USA, UK and Canada when the research and  development centers at Oxford University and Imperial College London.  According to the Foreign Office Tweet;— Foreign Office 🇬🇧 (@foreignoffice) July 16, 2020

Today the @NCSC and partners in 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦, have revealed that Russian intelligence  service cyber units have been behind a serious of irresponsible &  unacceptable attacks collecting information on vaccine research. https://t.co/2GNXuqualx 1/3 pic.twitter.com/EMfKmHxCtV

Several online hacker groups are  targeting the research centers in what appears to be an all out campaign  to find real information about COVID19 and in the vaccine. Social media  has been ablaze for months with hashtags such as #conjob19, #fauxvid,  #endthelockdown and it is quite clear most are "non-believers" in  wearing masks."Science simply doesn't  support the data coming from the World Health Organization and The  American CDC. There is no evidence to support wearing a mask will  prevent transmission of COVID19. However there is plenty of evidence  which supports wearing a mask while exercising, in high temperatures,  and for prolonged periods of time is hazardous to your health"

The cyber espionage groups known as  APT29, The Dukes, and Cozy Bear have been accused of being "Kremlin  Linked" by UK's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and Canada's  Communication Security Establishment (CSE). The National Security Agency  of the United States has also supported the claims.

"APT29 is likely to  continue to target organizations involved in COVID-19 vaccine research  and development, as they seek to answer additional intelligence  questions relating to the pandemic."

The  Kremlin has stated it has no affiliation with these groups, and nor does  it have any information related to the cyber attacks.