How the Deep State Incites Civil Unrest

How the Deep State Incites Civil Unrest

Exposing the TRUTH about Civil Unrest, Race Wars told by Deep State Insiders

If you go to  McDonald's in any state or country around the world their hamburger is  always assembled the same. 3 pickles, 1 tablespoon of onions, same bun,  same meat (or meat-like) patty. Starting wars for the deep state (civil  wars, nation against nation, or world wars) is always the same, they are  the "McDonald's" of the "Military Theater", and it's all about the  money, it's always about the money.

Q: "How much does it cost to start a war?"

A: "Why a cup of coffee, a drink at a bar, or a sandwich at the  right place at the right time and a conversation with the right person.   People are so easy to manipulate, find the right guy or girl and push  the hot button, that is all it takes."-Order of the Black Sun Operative

"Key to creating a successful outcome is to create the problem  and be the solution, the solution is where the money is at."-Order of  the Black Sun Operative

The formula is simple, it is what you are seeing right now:

1. One White Male -  (paid henchman from the Order of the Black Sun, usually a CIA contractor)

Why does the same police officer move from state to state, department  to department, then, all of 

the sudden, there is some setup, some  "crisis event" everywhere he/she goes?

2. One Set Up - Usually of a  currently targeted race/religion/group/class. Black, Brown, Muslim,  Chinese National, North Korean, Russian, African, Mexican, Immigrant,  etc. We have seen all of these targeted in the last several years. The  media narrative sets the stage with "labels," to them people are not  people, they are "a Black Man, a Russian Man, a Muslim Man, a North  Korean national, a Chinese national," etc.  This is a setup to incite  the war: Who is the chosen flavor of the week? Don't fall for it.  It is  a deliberate division created to harm innocent people.

3. Push the "Narrative" to get governments and more people involved - Ever wonder why a movie about the latest "boogeyman" is released in theaters at the same time a  major world event happens? Interesting. A full feature film generally  takes about a year to produce. How would they know a year ahead of time?  Because they created the boogeyman months and years ahead of  time in a carefully orchestrated chaotic event. Did you know the average  news channel writes the scripts a week ahead of time? How does  CNN/FOX/ABC/NBC know exactly where to be when the "victim" is  shot or where the bomb goes off? Ted Turner (owner of CNN) is part of  The Order of the Black Sun and so is the CIA and Skull and Bones (see  Deep State article). Orchestrated chaos to achieve an outcome, normally  with a big payout at the end.

4. Who pays for it all? The Bagmen.  In  2014, George Soros, a known "Order of the Black Sun" bagman, also known  among the elites as "The Bankers of Death", was quoted as saying "I am  going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups.  We'll put them into a mental trap and make them hate White People. The  Black community is the easiest group to manipulate." He also funds  Antifa and many other civil unrest groups around the world via his  corporations and foundations. The Open Society Foundation (owned by  Soros) is known around the world for funding various groups, such as the  separatists in Ukraine. He doesn't care who he is using, and the  African-American Community is just one of many world wide he uses to  achieve his objective - Make Money, period. Some of Soros's famous money  making schemes include Black Wednesday and the Nazi loot of WWII.

"Soros' Quantum Fund began a massive sell-off of pounds on  Tuesday 15 September 1992. The Exchange Rate Mechanism stated that the  Bank of England was required to accept any offers to sell pounds."

Mr. Soros states he was born as Gyorgy  Schwartz to Jewish parents. During WWII, his parents were murdered and  he was taken in by one of the heads of the Nazi party in Eastern Europe  who trained him. The Order of the Black Sun created the "Nazi Party" and  also funded "The Allied Partner Nations."

"So you see we create the  boogeyman, and also the savior. The Savior is "branded" as being the one  who saves them all. Everyone loves a good savior because the people  refuse to save themselves. Since we own both, we don't care who wins. If  there are eight horses in a race we bet on all eight. We always win."  -Black Sun Operative

Now that you know how this works, you  can relate the above into any war, any uprising, any civil unrest  anywhere in the world. From the days of Julius Caesar, to modern day  "Race  Wars". What are YOU going to do? Will you continue to help them?