Nazis 1930s vs Nazis 2020

Kimberly Goguen

Nazis 1930s vs Nazis 2020

By Kimberly Goguen

How do all the pictures above tie together? The answer is simple, "The Order of the Black Sun"

In 2013, ABC released an American  television series under the name "Zero Hour". The show tells the story  of human experimentation during World War II and the hunt for the "Spear  of Destiny."  In the television series, they reference a woman who  works for a trust called the "41 Trust" (referencing Bush Sr.) and the  "41 Ranch" in Paraguay where human experiments continue to this day. But  the question is, if the above clip from the show is representing the  1950s/60s, then why do they reference "41" when Bush had yet to become  the 41st President of the United States?

As you can see from the above pictures  the swastika represents 2 arms of the Black Sun. The two arms represent  "Black Eagle" (Mussolini and the Black Shirts) and Hitler "Brown Eagle"  (Brown Shirts). These Groups and their dealings still exist today and  we are seeing it play out again in almost the exact same fashion as it  did then.

Rumors are swirling as the US  Presidential elections get closer, protestors and elected officials are  talking about "defunding the police" and Antifa (short for anti-facist  has morphed into a white supremacy movement) is fighting against those  of color and, in general, terrorizing the citizens of the United  States.  The same protests are happening around the world as well.

Once you know all the pieces of the  puzzle, you will see the same process played out over and over again.  Different faces, same story line. Its their game, not yours, chose  wisely.