Russia: The Covid19 Epidemic is a Lie

General Vladimir Vasilyevich declared on Russian television, "there is no epidemic, it's a lie!" Until we get rid of our internal parasites [Zionist financial interests] that reign over us, we cannot fight other parasites. General Vladimir Kvachkov of the GRU (Russian military intelligence) presents the agenda of the New World Order (NWO) on coronaviruses. General Kvachkov, formerly of the Center for Defense and Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces stated, "The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic - and let me tell you - there is no pandemic, all of that is a big lie - this has to be seen as a special, strategic and global operation." These are exercises of Zionist and financial powers that manipulate the world behind the scenes for the control of humanity. They want to reduce our freedom and increase their political control. The coronavirus and the financial crisis that immediately erupted are inextricably linked. A first global attempt to take away political (people's) rights took place on Sept. 11, 2001. Following this, there was a declaration of war upon humanity disguised as a war on terror. Now they need another excuse for a takeover of humanity. The coronavirus was launched by the Zionist and financial world powers in order to limit political rights and scare people. The coronavirus has an artificial origin; it's already scientifically proven. We receive special psycho-political information propaganda, an operation of the globalist mass media in the service of the backstage powers that create this terror. "They" scrutinize and look for who obeys and who does not obey. In addition, economic relations have moved from the real economy to the financial bubble of the virtual economy, which must now be deflated. In China, they have a patriotic faction and another of pro-Americans whose only interest is money, [the traitors] who tried to use the coronavirus in Wuhan [until President Xi put an end to the confinements ]. Then it started in Europe. Europe and China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA, and that's where they first injected this virus. Another goal is to reduce the world's population. They think there are too many ordinary people. They want to have 100 million of their own kind and maybe 1 billion serfs to serve them. "Until we get rid of our internal parasites that reign over us, we cannot fight other parasites. " Translation of the video: Russia: The COVID19 Epidemic is a Lie! Vladimir Vasilyevich Kvachkov, a former Russian intelligence official, said in an interview on Russian television to 100 million viewers that the COVID19 epidemic was a global agenda on the initiative of a New World Order. The former general-in-chief of Russian spies, the doctor of military and public sciences Vladimir Vasilyevich said in a television interview in Russia "that there is no epidemic, it is all a lie!". "The COVID19 is actually a weapon they use to learn about the near future, the possibility of world domination." The general also said in an interview, "Those at the head of the global economic elite aim to reduce the world's population." "It's all their livelihood!" The rest of the people who serve them should not exceed a billion people and then they can really celebrate and savor at will, so there is a link between the COVID19 virus and the global economic downturn, the closest link with which people got used to a certain level of life and freedom. So that's what they do with this virus, he said. From the global theory of biological weapons to the control of human life, the general then describes the terrorist attack on the twin towers of Sept. 11, 2001 and states: "Their first experience of control (of the New World Order) took place in the period of September 11, 2001 when the twin towers of New York fell." As mentioned, there were four planes in this story, and the media constantly only shows the 2 planes that entered the twin buildings. "According to the Americans, two terrorists seized Boeing planes and entered the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center, directly. Investigations have revealed that terrorists had previously trained on small, simple planes. However, I have spoken to highly experienced Boeing pilots who claim that it was impossible for anyone who had not done it before. Yes, on planes that are not that kind of Boeing, to navigate them with such precision, even very experienced pilots who land on landing grounds always need outdoor navigation and take time, until let them land with great precision and success." "For those who do not have much experience, this is an impossible task. Our military pilots investigated the issues and concluded that these two planes could only reach and touch buildings as accurately as if someone controlled these planes remotely. By the way - the base of the researchers who investigated the problem of the Twin Towers, was in a place called Lourdes, and after our investigation, this base was completely destroyed for some reason. " The general also said: "The Americans claim that the attack on the Pentagon building was a huge Boeing and that it struck a five-story building." And the question is, then, where are the remains of the plane? There was no debris from the aircraft at the Pentagon. A plane, no corpses, no evidence, nothing, in a typical investigation case, always brings together all the parts of the plane that were left to understand the causes of the attack and here there is simply nothing. The destroyed part of the Pentagon was at that time undergoing renovation. According to our researchers, the people who came to the region actually sent a missile for the exact purpose of destroying this area of the Pentagon and described as a terrorist attack with an airplane. "In fact, it was the elite behind-the-scenes program, in their first attempt to exercise control over humans, by evoking fear." Therefore, even what is happening now with the Corona is not an epidemic at all. On the planet, much less than what they say in the media, of course, we are sorry for each deceased person, but if we compare it with the number of people around the planet, it is a very minimal proportion. It is another of the governing economic elite's attempt to instill fear in human beings and in so doing take away from them the general freedoms that humans have grown accustomed to in the last generation. This is their original objective, but the general objective is, as I have already mentioned, to reduce the population of the earth. They just want to control humanity in absolute control. They want to overthrow the global economy. That is why the whole epidemic started in China. Chinese doctors, after researching the virus, have come to an unequivocal conclusion that the virus is a laboratory product. "Here in Italy, we see that the virus is stronger than the rest of the world, and many more people are infected and dead." Again, if we look from a different angle and look at the data, we will find that each year, in Italy, patients with respiratory problems die ten times more from their diseases than from Coronavirus. All the results of the (supposedly) Coronavirus infection and death they have today are shameful. Again, I stress, their goal is to cause terror and fear on humans, to see which group of people, or which state, they can control and which is not, concluded the general! Source: Hannibal Genseric:

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