The Global Deep State

Kimberly Goguen

The Global Deep State

The term "Deep State," a term  formerly only discussed in conspiracy circles and alternative media has  gone mainstream on all social media platforms and mainstream media. We  have to give a lot of credit to President Trump, the Q-anon Movement and  others for getting the term "Deep State" into the mainstream, but do  any of us really know who they are and what their agenda is?

Although their power is rapidly  degrading and many parts of their societies are crumbling, they still  exist to this day. "Drain the Swamp," you say? Deep State is not only a  part of America.  It exists in China, Russia, and virtually everywhere  in the world. They have existed as a global "tyrannical" government for  over a millennia. The New World Order, the Illuminati, the Deep State,  and their "secret societies" have affected every nation, every citizen,  poisoned this planet and have no respect for us, "the slaves."

This  article will give you a brief introduction into the two main factions  still remaining, and their struggle against each other for world  domination.


Many of you have heard about the  "Rothschilds" being one of the wealthiest families on earth, but do you  really know who they are, and why and how they became known as the "evil  villains of banking?"

The Rothschild Family created many  secret societies, and the family bears many known names, such as:  Rockefeller, Clinton, Gupta, Li Family of China, Lee of Korea, JP Morgan  and The Bolsheviks of Russia, to name a few. They were the creators of  the Federal Reserve and, before that, of the "Independent Treasuries  Act," which put the banks in charge of the wealth of the United States.  They run virtually every central bank in the world with very few  exceptions, which they pursued constantly. Expanding their empire was  done often by their "Security Crew." By "security" we do not refer to a  team of bodyguards guiding them to and from meetings; no, we mean  securing their wealth, ensuring their "corporates" like Johnson and  Johnson, Apple, Microsoft, Dole, Pfizer, Standard Oil, and so on and so  on, until every industry was accounted for, and until the only companies  to produce ALL products consumed by us, the consumer, was  under their control. We will discuss more on the corporates later on.  For now, who are these mysterious henchmen? The Order of the Black Sun.

The Rothschild Family claims to be the  "heir to the throne of Solomon," and many of them still actually wear  the ring of Solomon. They also claim to be Jewish, when in fact, they  are the conjurers of demons and the controllers of demons that are  installed all over the world and do their bidding. However, as the story  goes, Solomon was anointed by God to guard the wealth of the people for  the people, being not the owner, but only a guardian. The covenant was  broken. Ever heard of the "Dragon Families" or the "Society of Dragons?"  All of these families yield to the will of the Rothschilds. Many think  that the Rothschild are a family birthed out of the United Kingdom, but  no, they came from Khazaria, which in modern times you would refer to as  Kazakhstan. This land, where those from D'Arya, a "sunken continent in  the Arctic," migrated from.  Did it sink?

Not exactly. Ever read the "Testaments  of Solomon (link below)?" It explains how Solomon was given the right  to control both the angels and the demons by God until he "fell from  God's grace," and joined together with the demons to build the "SECOND  Temple." The celebration of its completion is known to us as "Hanukkah."  Sound strange? God made an agreement with Solomon assuring that his  "heirs" would remain on the thrown of Israel for 3000 years, and 3000  years later that day finally came. This occurred during the celebration  of Hanukkah, December 2-7, 2018. At this time the 3000 year reign of the  Rothschild Family has officially ended. Are they still trying to regain  power? Absolutely, but where are the demons? Usher in "The Order of the  Black Sun."


How to describe an organization so  evil, so vast, that it extends into every country and every nation? They  call themselves the "good guys," and the "Earth Alliance," yet just one  phrase sums them up: "They worship death." They are the creators of the  problem and creators of the solution in every war, conflict, and racial  divide since the beginning of time.  They are the Henchmen, the  Bogeyman, and the Savior all in one beautifully orchestrated mess meant  to create "Order out of Chaos."

The Black Sun created the Nazis,  Fascism, Slavery, the Mafias of the world, the IRA, Communism, Project  Looking Glass, the Majestic 12, the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, the  Thule Society, the Vril Society, the Bankers of Death, the Black Dragon  Society, the Bagman, the CIA, the KGB, China Intelligence, China  Military, Black Eagle Trust, Black Rock, Black Stone, Black Water, Black  Eagle Oil, the Pentagon, the Secret Space Force, the Worship of Ancient  Egyptian Gods, Greek Gods, the Order of Assassins, the Islamic  Caliphate extremists (ISIS, Taliban), Project Paperclip, Project  Bluebird, The History Channel, Fox News, CNN, Oracle Banking Systems,  the Jesuits and the Black Pope, 3M, IBM, NASA, Haliburton, empire of  George Soros, Bush Family Trust (Black Eagle Trust) and much, much more.  They are the keepers of the "Wealth of Solomon," and again, Solomon was  the "Guardian of the Wealth of the World," not the owner of the wealth  of the world. The Order of the Back Sun has been around for over 1000  years. They thought they were unstoppable. Arrogance is a weakness, not a  strength.

They are the keepers of the secrets,  the henchmen of the organizations like the Committee of 300, the US  Department of the Treasury, the Bush Family, the Bush human  experimentation ranch in Paraguay, the Council on Foreign Relations, the  Kennedy Family, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention, United Nations Peace Keeping Forces, the Drug Trade,  Black Market Oil Trading, Black Ops, Antifa, ISIS, the Taliban. You name  it, they have their hands in it, and in YOU. Ever heard of "Five Star  Trust" registered under the United Nations? These "Five Star"  above-the-law Generals organized and carefully crafted every war, every  "unnatural disaster," earthquakes, HAARP, CERN (and so much more) for  centuries.

They, themselves, proclaim they  worship death: creators of war, creators of COVID (in 1964), and of many  other diseases humanity faces today. They are proud of their control.  Half of them are possessed by demons and they requested this to happen,  maintaining this with a pill they take every day. They have no use for  humans other than as "batteries for their loosh -  human energy  harvesting" (more on this later). They target certain races, certain  types of people utilizing depopulation, population control, and all the  things they believe they have the right to do to us. This is all in the  name of "security of the people," on behalf of Rothschilds.  Aren't we  all feeling much more secure now?

Flash  forward to today. The Black Sun believes they are "free" now that the  Covenant of Solomon has expired. They also believe they can do a better  job than Rothschilds at controlling all the wealth of the world. After  all, they are the ones who have been protecting it all these years with  their evil creations and genetically-modified humans (think Jason  Bourne-types). Now they are trying to take over controlling all the  people and the wealth of the world. Both sides operate as the "unknown  ones." You will never see the head of either order on your television.  They are in ALL of world governments, not just America's. They are above  the governments, giving orders to their puppets who own all mass media  to control the narrative (Ted Turner, et al), and threatening heads of  state to do their bidding. There have been no elections they have not  manipulated. All forms of government/governance are "human  experimentation." They try to devise which form of government works best  for the entire world in order for it to be under a "One World  Government," with, of course ,themselves as the Kings?  By the way, you  are not fighting against the installation of a "One World Government,"  you have been LIVING IN ONE for thousands of years. What you are  fighting for now is the destruction of the NWO, and humanities' freedom  from slavery. What you see as members of the Deep State are mere order  takers, and never the order makers.

Even the order takers of this  organization rarely know their handlers by actual name, and use code  names like "The Dark Prince" or "The Devil's Wife." In their own words,  "the way to tell an effective lie is 1% truth and 99% lie." Their  biggest mistake? Not believing that their own superiors would lie to  them. They were wrong, horribly wrong.

They have forgotten one thing in all their arrogance. There is a  new guardian, and there is YOU the people. 99% of the world's population  is YOU. There is only one race, "the human race." United we stand,  divided we fall. Do not buy their games and control mechanisms. Together  we can create our own world, one of freedom for all, one of peace, one  of creativity, and one of new technologies. This is what "humanity" does  when not manipulated. We will do our best to warn you of all of their  games. Once you see the TRUTH, you can protect yourselves and your  families from their insane "World Order." Humanity flourishes perfectly  on its own. In the natural order of the world we do not need  controllers, and we are not their children. We are all children of the  Creator, perfectly and wonderfully made. We just have to remember who we  really are. Once we do, THEY will be no more.

Testaments of Solomon

Order of the Black Sun here