The Voiceless - Untold Story of Child Abuse

The Voiceless

My name is James Ryker Biel, I was born on October 6, 2017. I had just turned two years old when I was found dead and lifeless on my Grandpa Jerry’s bed. This is the timeline of events that ultimately led to my death. This is my story: While inside my mother’s womb, it always felt like a loving, warm and safe place. I had no way of knowing that in the next two short years of my life outside of my mother’s body, I would be used, abused and discarded like trash by the hands of family services, the court system, law enforcement and even more heartbreakingly, by my own family. The first time I was taken to St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois for a prolapsed rectum was on August 2, 2019. Do you know what a prolapsed rectum is? The hospital report states that I experienced “constipation”. My mother, Kara Witkowski was notified by my father, Thomas Biel that I was taken there for a medical emergency. Is it normal for a two-year old boy like me to have a prolapsed rectum? They told my mother I needed surgery because they were unable to push my rectum back in manually. Even after surgery was performed it was unsuccessful. The nurse informed my mother that my rectum had popped out at least five times during the night. This would not be the last time I would have my rectum pop outside my body. The situation would get much worse and more painful. I died two months later, on the night of Halloween, October 31, 2019 My father, Thomas Biel raped and sodomized my mother, Kara Witkoski on March 19, 2019, this would have been the second time. Days later, my mother bravely made a plan to escape from my father. He found out and showed up at her job threatening her. She went to the police on the same day to report her rape. The events that followed should forever haunt many families and those reading my story today. The Elgin Police Department in Elgin, IL took my father into custody pending further investigation into the charges of rape only to be released the next day. On March 25, 2019, my mother went before Judge John G. Dalton during an emergency hearing for an order of protection. The order was granted, and my father was arrested, this time by the Sheriff’s department. As part of the investigation, a hard drive belonging to my father was given to the Elgin Police Department by mother on March 28, 2019. The contents of that hard drive should have made mainstream headlines. That hard drive was forensically analyzed, and the contents compared to a database from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The results came back with 47 recognized missing children, 280 unrecognized hash values and 422 recognized hash values which means these exact hash values matched previous files submitted to the NCMEC database. In other words, there are 422 more children missing and possibly connected to a ring of child trafficking. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) was notified of the allegations and they assigned my case to representative Amanda Patricoski. During this short happy time spent with my mother, my grandma and my big sister Sasha who was only six at the time, I had no other major incidents occur. I was just a happy boy spending time with my family and learning to do things like many other children. On April 11, 2019 Judge Dalton granted my mother a two-year protective order against my father that extended protection to me and my sister. Surprisingly, the very same judge then awarded my father unsupervised visitation of 4 days a week for 8 hours per day. My grandpa, Jerry Biel who lived in the same home as my father was also suspected by my mother of sexually abusing both of his own grandchildren, me, and my sister Sasha. Judge Dalton was aware of the allegations and simply told my mother, “he can just go in the other room.” It was not long before my sister was brought to the hospital due to evidence of sexual abuse which surfaced after multiple unsupervised visits at the Biel residence. Sasha had bruises on her buttocks, lower back, and scratches on her leg. A police report was filed however, no physical exam was performed due to DCFS representative Amanda Patricoski informing the doctor there was no open investigation involving Sasha. In fact, on multiple occasions, my sister and I returned to our mother from a scheduled visit with our father showing multiple bruises on us both. I had a cracked tooth and a bruise on my head. Sasha was asked about her busted lip, but she refused to talk about it. Did I fall down the stairs with my sister? Is that what really happened here? That’s what my father said happened. The grown-ups who were supposed to help us had received images documenting our injuries. Guardian ad litem Julie Pirtle, as well as DCFS worker Sofia Salas were both made well aware of the evidence of abuse. Julie Pirtle even admitted to being bribed by my godfather, Larry. Finally, on April 25, 2019 an emergency order was put in place by Judge Dalton ruling that Sasha could no longer be around her grandfather. Just when I thought my sister would be safe from harm, merely two hours after the court proceedings, Detective Robert Bice who was handling Sasha’s case involving our grandfather, sent an email to my mother indicating he was closing the case. My mother was given conflicting information about the actual status of the case. On May 15, 2019, Melissa Kuffel my mother’s attorney, withdrew as counsel. My mother Kara was never informed by the court or by her former attorney of an emergency petition filed by my father seeking full custody of me and Sasha. My mother was advised repeatedly not to appear, and she received no written notice of the hearing. No matter how much evidence or witness accounts of abuse my mother submitted to the adults responsible for me and my sister’s well being, there seemed to be a network of cooperation and a connection between all the adults who are making decisions to close cases like ours resulting in me and my sister being sent right back to the home where we both had suffered the most, the home of our own father. Every adult in my life appeared to use their power of influence and decision making to beat the courage out of my mother and make horrible choices for me and Sasha as evidenced by my injuries in the following months and ultimately my death. Judge Dalton, as if somehow compromised and blind to the facts, decided it was not my mother’s right to know why my sister and I were taken from our mother’s home and instead put right back in the hands of our abusers. Judge Dalton simply said, “I don’t have to tell you.” Things have since gotten even worse for Sasha. She is showing signs of disassociation and inappropriate sexual behavior. Interestingly enough, Larry Riordan, my godfather, left harassing and borderline threatening voicemails about seeing photos of Sasha’s groin. Ordering my mother to stay quiet or her children might get hurt. The police gave Larry a warning and closed out the complaint. Do you see a pattern here? At a June 12, 2019 court hearing, Scott Sheen, Thomas Biels’ attorney informed Judge Dalton that the child pornography report was closed. The conclusion on the forensic analysis of the hard drive was not completed until July 25, 2019. How could the report have been closed more than six weeks prior to the date the analysis was officially concluded by the forensics team? Now, we are back at the moment where I have been admitted to the hospital on August 4, 2019 for anal prolapse while in the care and custody of my father. My social worker did not think DCFS would consider this incident at the very least, neglect. The only real relief is my mother stayed with me through night as my rectum fell right back out more than four times. They couldn’t fix me. But I was broken, clearly. I will tell you a secret, I had nine hospital visits in total for the same condition. NINE. The events that took place after this date, should bring any skepticism of my story to a screeching halt. On my mother’s visitation on August 6, 2019, she was very upset and quietly held my hand during my diaper change. They went into the bathroom to discuss what might have happened to me. Sasha told our mother, "It was Grandpa Jerry." “Grandpa put a toothbrush in James’ butt and had me pull it out.” When my sister pulled it out, Grandpa knocked her down. Once again, all the adults whose job is to look after my well-being were informed of this traumatic event. What do you think happened? If you have caught on to the pattern emerging you will already know nothing was done to remove me from that home. In fact, my father, rather than a social worker or DCFS was the one to inform my mother she would not be allowed to see me or Sasha for two weeks and then refused to disclose where we will be staying. My mother went to the police station for help, but no one helped her save me. What began to unfold in the events leading up to my death is that every part of the system that is “supposed” to look out for me and support my mother, ended up requiring her to fight even harder by limiting access to me and Sasha. Even Judge Dalton ordered my mother to pay to see me and Sasha. Every shady character in this story has a part. It was later discovered unregistered in court docket information that my father’s attorney, Scott Sheen, had been threatening my mother saying her Facebook posts were going to get her head chopped off and told her that he was going to make her life more hell than it already was. These threats only added to the four months of threats being made by my godfather, Larry. Fast forward to October 31, 2019, this is where I’m found lying on my grandpas’ bed unresponsive and likely already dead. My mother was called by an emergency room physician to come to the hospital quickly. My mother came into this little room and she held me. It is too late though. She knew it because I was cold. I had been hurt badly. She began to unwrap me and asked why there was a red ring around me and in that moment when I wanted to stay safe with my mother they took me out of her arms so that she could not see what happened to me that Halloween night. My father told the nurses already that my mother was going to think he killed me. They are already working to have a narrative in place: In the cold room that was haunted by so many horrible things for me and Sasha, I was found by my grandmother after she had finished showering . They tell my mother that Grandpa was on the way to work and that my father was not there; however, my mother will soon find out with the reports that this was not what really happened. I wanted to live like any happy little boy should and to be able to spend time with my family, learning, growing, playing with Tonka Trucks, and watching cartoons with my sister. I should have never been taken away from my mother. You would think that my story of tragedy and injustice ends here, but unfortunately it does not. You would think somehow in the end that truth has come into light and there would be justice though unfortunately, it has not. I am James Biel. I am a two-year-old who was made voiceless by the Illinois Court systems, Police Departments, and many other really bad people. My life was short lived, but in the short time I was here I got to love and be loved by my beautiful mother, my grandma, and my big sister Sasha. I am telling you my story because my sister Sasha needs you to be her voice and there are many other children out there that are voiceless like me. Please stand up and protect children like us. We are waiting for you and counting on you to act. If you do not, it might already be too late for us. - The Voiceless Sources:
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