The World Trade Organization: Control System of Trading

The World Trade Organization: Control System of Trading

How the World Trade Organization controls every nation through its "non-compete plan". In many nations they call them  "The Corporates", the big corporations which control every industry  world-wide. Want to have a large scale agricultural business in  Pakistan?You need permission from Dole. Want to mine diamonds in South  Africa? You need permission from Oppenheimer. Want to sell oil? You need  permission from "The Seven Sisters" (world's largest oil companies).  Want to sell gold? You need permission from London Fix. Want to open a  bank anywhere in the world? You will buy software from Oracle Systems,  buy hardware from IBM, your transfer capabilities from VISA/SWIFT and  your licensing comes from the Federal Reserve (no matter what country  you form it in).

You know them as BP, Shell,  Pfizer, Monsanto, JP Morgan, Dole and the list goes on and on. Every  industry from pharmaceuticals to Oil and all parts in between has an  unfair advantage sponsored by the World Bank and the World Trade  Organization.

To know the real history you have to follow the  money..International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, World Trade  Organization (WTO), Bank for International Settlements, The Federal  Reserve and The United Nations together have become the globalized force  overseeing 100% of the world's money supply and the demand of world  trade as well as dictating economic policies in all nations. They Define  the Global Macro Economic Agenda.

Part 1, "The World Trade Organization".

The Origin

Originating as The G.A.T.T. "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade", was first discussed during the United Nations Conference  on Trade and Employment. The need arose due to the failure of  negotiating governments to create the International Trade Organization (ITO).  The "Multilateral Treaty" was signed by 23 nations in Geneva on 30  October 1947, and took effect on 1 January 1948. The G.A.T.T. filled a  need of nations in order to facilitate economic recovery after World War  II.

GATT made significant contributions to the growth of World Trade.  There were three defining rounds of meetings/sessions of significant  importance; The Kennedy Round, The Tokyo Round, and the Uruguay Round.

As the Eurozone became increasingly integrated, some of the  Americans became concerned at the prospect of remaining on the outside  looking in. JFK pursued the goal of an Atlantic Partnership with the  global trust (Managers of the Paper Currency System) and secured special  negotiating powers under the "Trade Expansion Act of 1962". The Act  authorized Tariff reductions of up to 50% subject to reciprocal concessions from America's European Partners.

"The Trade Expansion Act  of 1962 gave the single greatest advantage to United States and  European Corporations. Initially offering up to 50% reduction in Tariffs  and eventually 0% for its "approved corporations" (the big corporates).  No other nation, nor corporation could possibly compete in the  import/export markets."

This marked a fundamental shift away from the traditional  protectionist posture of the United states and led to the so called  "Kennedy Round" of the negotiations of the GATT, held in Geneva from  1964 to 1967.

The Kennedy Round

The Kennedy Round addressed four main problems; 

1)Progressive  Reduction of up to 50% in duties on all but a few products in place of  item by item bargaining that had prevailed in previous GATT conferences  

2)Inclusion of Agricultural Products as well as Industrial Products,  

3)Discussed non-tariff obstacles as well as customs duties and 

4) "non-reciprocity for economically less developed countries"

54 countries participated in the negotiations, which covered around  400,000 tariff headings. This continued until they covered around some  odd 2 million tariff headings. The Kennedy Round continued the process  of Tariff reductions which began 20 years earlier by the industrialized  nations. While developing countries drew little immediate advantage from  the Kennedy Round negotiations, they were able to obtain the addition  of a new part titled "Trade  and Development" to the GATT Charter calling for stabilization, as much  as possible of raw material prices; reduction or abolition of customs  duties or and/or other defining customs duties or other restrictions  that differentiated unreasonably between products in their primary state  and some products in finished form.

The Tokyo Round

The next meeting of GATT opened in Tokyo on Sept 12, 1973 and was  attended by representatives on the ministerial level (or comparable)  from 102 countries. On Sept 14th the meeting closed with the adaptation  of what is called the Tokyo Declaration. The Tokyo Declaration was  followed by several years of Multinational Trade Negotiations that came  to be called the Tokyo Round, concluding in 1979 with the adaptation of a  series of Tariff Reductions to be implemented generally over an 8 year  period beginning in 1980. Further declining progress was made with  non-tariff issues.

"The part here that pertains to our current situation, a Code of  Subsidies and counter-veiling duties were negotiated. The Code had two  main parts;

It listed a number of unacceptable subsidy practices, and it  introduced a requirement that formal procedures be followed before the  imposition of counter-veiling duties and/or subsidies by the nations.  This is where the trust (then run by the globalist deep state aka  "imperialists") comes in, and also one of the purposes for high level  World Bank Bank Trading Programs and "Special Funding" for "Approved  Corporations". Under the "Plan of Experts, or the Expert Plan" they were  supposed to be able to use these trade proceeds to subsidize "world  economic recovery" and subsequently helping the citizens of the world  and under-developed nations. The proceeds under "The Plan of Experts"  was designed to assist governments to purchase  "raw materials/finished  products" at around 50% of the current open market value. "The Trust"  was to purchase the products at market value (which the new trustee is  trying to implement now) from the various nations/companies producing  (with NO EXCLUSIONS), and distribute on an "off-market" government level  for their internal use. There was NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE ANY RESTRICTIONS  as to whom the seller was, nor which country was buying or selling. The  United Nations and the Globalist Deep State recognized this and  implemented many restrictions on "lending" and also on "sellers", of  course allowing only their "approved contractors" or "their companies"  to participate and;

"The United Nations in  cooperation with the World Trade Organization, IMF, and the World Bank  created the control system using the Code of Subsidies as leverage. UN  and/or WB offer loans with exorbitant costs and often requiring the  pledging of a nations in-ground reserves. Then they require the nation  to buy raw materials or finished goods and services ONLY from their  suppliers whom also charge exorbitant prices and are their "approved  corporations" (which they also own). In some cases the nation must "buy"  dollars from the Federal Reserve, also owned by them. All these costs  added on caused almost every nation in the world to live in a constant  state of debt. The average cost of infrastructure would be TEN TO TWENTY  TIMES the normal cost."

Now, at the time, only a certain number of attendees signed the  agreements. Most did only conditional on certain rules, some applied  counter-veiling duties to the exports of other signatories, and others  to GATT members that didn't sign the agreement.

The Uruguay Round

Then came the Uruguay Round, which announced the replacement of  GATT with the World Trade Organization in 1995. The plan to create  International Trade Controls, blocking most nations and all corporations  whom were not "their special corporations" completely out of the  import/export market. In order to enforce these rules, and to further  "watch" every nation, the CIA was tasked with implementing the Export  and Import Banks in most every nation. EXIM Bank is the term most  recognize and is manned solely by CIA Agents and cooperative agents.

That is the REAL HISTORY as to why the World Trade Organization was created.