Time Magazine Nickname's Modi "Divider in Chief"


In the cover story "Can the World's Largest Democracy Endure Another Five Years of a Modi Government?" the writer says, "...Under Modi, minorities of every stripe – from liberals and lower castes to Muslims and Christians – have come under assault." The Indian Express In May of 2019 India’s PM Modi appeared on the front page of Time magazine with their nickname of “Divider in Chief." It went on to criticize the respected Prime Minister: “Of the great democracies to fall to populism, India was the first.” It stated that under Prime Minister Modi, the "nation’s most basic norms, such as the character of the Indian state, its founding fathers, the place of minorities and its institutions, from universities to corporate houses to the media, were shown to be severely distrusted.” Modi is criticized by Time magazine not because of his record, which is spotless, but because he provided an audience for Trump. PM Modi welcomed Trump to India with honors after he received the same reception in the US. This occurred during the “Howdy Modi” rally at Houston NRG Stadium, which gathered over 50,000 excited Indians during Modi's visit in September 2019. Modi showed his appreciation for the American President with a “Namaste Trump” rally in February 2020 at the “Cricket Stadium, in the home state of the PM. From Indian YouTube and Twitter we know that huge excitement was created by the visit. The stadium filled to capacity with over 110,000 people and tens of millions more waiting on roadsides to watch Trump pass with his motorcade. The celebration included music, dancers and speeches. As mainstream media did not report on the visit, many Americans did not hear of it or of the enthusiastic reception shown President Trump. Since that day, mainstream press have been dismissive of Modi. Yes, the people of India feel it is an attack on themselves and it is unwarranted. Some realize that mainstream media does not recognize any leader who is against globalism. The problem in fact does not lie with Trump or Modi, it is a war waged by globalists against all leaders who avoid socialism and put decent wages and services for their people ahead of globalist profits. As an Indian colleague Jai Hind wrote: “Time magazine, you are a joke. Don’t cry because you are not the only one. The entire media fraternity of the world is a joke. You guys have lost it to people like us. You know a person like me, shooting a video like this in an 8 by 8 studio room, can reach more people than you in your plush studios. Welcome to a truly democratized world, Time magazine, where internet is cheap, information retrieval is easy, and propagation of information is easier. You called my Prime Minister ‘Divider in Chief.’ I am sure you had your reasons, but as an Indian, especially as someone who did his bit in ensuring that Narendra Modi sits in the PM chair, I feel it’s my responsibility to shut your elitist mouth with facts and data. Let me narrate a story of unity, which no one ever told you about.” https://indianexpress.com/article/india/indias-divider-in-chief-pm-modi-features-on-time-magazine-cover-5720637 https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/09/modi-trump-attend-indian-pm-rally-houston-190922150304471.html https://tfipost.com/2019/05/time-magazine-pm-modi-divider-in-chief-01/
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