Traveling by Air During the Pandemic

Steffen Rowe

Traveling by Air During the Pandemic

What it is Like to Fly Commercially During the "Pandemic"

By Steffen Rowe

I recently flew from New York City to Reno, Nevada. This was just following the re-opening of flights after the  total lock-down imposed during the "pandemic". As I arrived at the  airport, I noticed signs announcing masks were required to enter  planes. Airport security personnel seemingly were shaming those who  dropped their masks to catch a breath, while paranoid mothers hovered  over little children ensuring they were safely distanced from potential  contagions.

As I moved through the graveyard of closed businesses lining the  airport passageway, the lack of options combined with frightened stares  created a scene straight out of a post-apocalyptic film. Adding to the  dystopia were simultaneous television announcers broadcasting the latest  rhetoric against the President, spinning mild comments into those that  seemed hateful, racist, misogynistic, and tyrannical. I started to  think, do any of these news stations care about what is really going on?  How myself and the hundreds of others in the airport are "living"  through the fear porn they are regurgitating constantly about COVID19.  Clearly their narrative is effective as most of the people scurrying  through the airport looked paranoid, scared and sad.

I did not wear a mask, I will not wear a mask. Instead, I carry The Executive Order issued by President Trump in my pocket just
in  case there was an incident with airline or security personnel. I have  repeated the "speech" many times over the last several months so many  times I could say it in my sleep, "I am medically sensitive and can not  wear a mask."  For the record, no one has to disclose why they are  medically sensitive and even the act of asking violates a persons HIPAA  rights.

"We are all medically  sensitive to reduced oxygen levels and also to breathing in the recycled  bacteria that our bodies are trying to expel."

I was allowed to board and as I stepped onto the plane the flight  attendant immediately offered me a mask. No, mine had not fallen off and  I was not grateful to comply with her offer. Astonished at my reaction,  she informed me that according to the governing airline guidelines she  would have to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

As I sat in silence on the flight "maskless" avoiding the hateful  stares from fellow passengers and flight attendants, I started thinking  about the CDC's recent statements about removing children from homes  where "government tracers" discovered a parent had been exposed to  COVID-19 (New York Governor Cuomo launched the tracing program in the  first month after the virus was identified). It has now been several  months since COVID-19 began and it feels like the world has succumbed to  control by a totalitarian government.

As the plane took off my anger subsided and I started to binge watch a series called The Handmaid's Tale on Netflix. A
limited  number of shows were offered, picking up at the beginning of Season 2.  There was a brief and explosive recap from the previous season that  began with the handmaids in their dramatic red dresses being volubly  informed of the sins of one of their colleagues. 
The character  barking at the enslaved breeders reminded me of Ann Ramsey's character  or Mama Fratelli from the Goonies, pretending to be nurturing while  abusively chastising her dimwitted sons. The handmaids encircled a  cowering woman as the headmistress instructed she was to be stoned to  death, a practice described in the Bible for violations of the 10  Commandments. In what was obviously meant to be a heroic victory, one  handmaid held the rock in front of her, then the rock dropped in slow  motion as she looked at her stout enforcer and said, "I'm sorry Miss  Lidia". Following her presumably brave act each handmaid dropped their  stone, saying the same. Shaking in disbelief, Miss Lidia watched as the  handmaids retrieved their bags and walked back to their dorm, white snow falling  over the wall of red dresses as the slaves took control. As the recap  resolved, leaving me proud of the woman who stood together against their  oppressor, desperate screams and yelling soldiers introduced the next  episode. A gaggle of women wearing masks
not unlike the ones we are  being forced to wear today, were being herded down the dark, enclosed  entrance of an abandoned Fenway Park. As they emerged onto the baseball  field illuminated by stadium lights, mercenaries pushed and pulled,  yelling, kicking and hitting the women onto the hangman's platform that  loomed over home plate. Each woman was placed on the stage with her head  in a noose and as the sound silenced you could still feel the women  crying, trying to make peace with God or begging for their lives. As  Miss Lidia's gruff voice ordered the soldiers to pull the switch I  watched, expecting the death struggle as gasping women were hung.  Instead there was a loud bang, and the platform dropped two inches only.  The women remained alive as the torture continued through two more  episodes.

I considered the show's message in relation to today as I looked  around the plane. I have spoken to various Hospital Executives, Nurses  and Doctors whom all state they are being forced to assign COVID19 to  most all deaths occurring in their facility, listened to the media  consistently reporting various numbers derived from some strange  mathematical equation no one can figure out, and squirmed as I learned  of the impossible 100% positive test results from laboratories. None of  this making any sense, and I feel like those women from the series.  Proof continues to come to light daily about COVID19 being nothing more  than a media narrative supported by a "panel of experts", yet we are  enslaved by it. Every day we are reminded of the consequences if we  resist the regime that is imposing tyrannical rule.

I am home now and they are launching the next pandemic campaign  claiming the second wave will be worse than the first. Restaurants  desperately trying to survive place tables on the sidewalk and provide  carryout while no one seems to think even with inflated numbers and  falsified death totals, the virus has not increased the general  mortality rate.

"Fear is a shackle that binds us to a false idea, with the rote repetition of this erroneous information possessing the ability to lead us into another holocaust. This is the world we are living in, as it was for those who came before us. The opportunity to change the world is in the hands of the people."

I still won't wear a mask and establishments that try to make  me do so do not get my business. Before the hype around the second wave  begins, I suggest we demand evidence of the virus and of its impact on  human life. We must require proof that the virus is as dangerous as they  say and must not allow the surrender of our rights. The modern shackles  of our time are lies, fear and apathy. As for me, I refuse to wear a  mask. Today various States in America have announced fines up to $1000  for not wearing a mask in public, and further fines for the business  owners who allow patrons to enter without one. We, the people must  understand;

"Freedom is a state of mind over matter. If we do not mind (them), they do not matter."