Trump Threatens to Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization

On Sunday, United States President Donald J. Trump threatens, "The United States to declare ANTIFA (whose parent organization is The Black Sun) as an International Terrorist Organization". This comes as riots escalate across the United States on Sunday after the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin. Donald J. Trump's tweet If President Trump declares ANTIFA (short for anti-facist) a terrorist, they would join Al-Qaeda and Taliban amongst the highest ranking threats against the United States and its citizens. It is no surprise to us here at UNC that yet another organization run by the Order of the Black Sun would be added to the terrorist list, as most international organizations that make the list are considered to be an arm of the Order of the Black Sun. This is not the first time ANTIFA has plagued the United States with violence since their re-branding over 6 years ago. The inception of the "Antifacist" movement was originally in the 1920s and 1930's Germany. George Soros, a bag-man (source of funding) for The Order of the Black Sun has allegedly known to fund various black extremest groups in the United States as well as ANTIFA.
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