Urgent Notice

Official Statement concerning the recent activity of the former Director for the GIA:      


"The Viking" has had his Security Clearance removed due to his affiliation, and conspiratorial efforts with various groups that have previously worked to malign the reputations of Ground Command, Kimberly Ann Goguen, and Steffen "TANK" Rowe, as well as disrupt the progress, efficacy, and infrastructure of the Life Force Global Restoration Plan and it's affiliated organizations.           
Formal evidence has been provided to Life Force Enforcement to prove that the Director lied about the sources of false intel, infiltrated United Network News, tried to create a divide within the leadership teams, infiltrated several of the Life Force healing groups, gained the trust of the members, then posted inflammatory and false information about Kim Goguen being "possessed."                                     -                                                                                     

He then continued to challenge Kim to battle in the "ether" making threats and treating her like she was an enemy.  When irrefutable evidence was produced that proved the former Director lied about several issues, he ignored the questions, acted confused, and pretended not understand the questions. These techniques are classic tools used by agencies to confuse the target and gain control of the situation.          

We are posting this message to mitigate the damage that may have already been caused and to clarify any confusion that has now been created by the actions of the former Director.


We recognize that many will be deceived by this course of action as we trusted "the Viking" to act in the best interests of the mission for all of our safety. It is very possible that he thinks he is doing just that. Unfortunately, we are not in agreement with his conduct, statements, or his affiliations with known operatives that have already worked to hurt, divide, and falsely incriminate our team.

For those of you who find yourself confused about this situation and are working with the former Director as part of his “Ghost Writer" team or his "Spiritual Special Ops Team,” we are forced to draw a hard line between Life Force Global Restoration associated organizations and those being operated or influenced by the former Director for the GIA. This includes United Network News, the Restoration (or de jure) Assemblies, Speak Project, KRE8CHANGE, the GIA, the Global Directorate, and the Global Repository.

Any group, organization, company, or individuals whom we work with now or in the future will have to decide between working with the organizations listed above, or with the Viking. We are fully aware that we will be accused of creating a divide between groups because of our stance on this matter. This is not our intention.

The mission, the moment we are in, and the momentum we are creating prevents us from allowing ourselves, our teams, or any of you to get caught up in a covert operation cleverly designed to cause doubt, confusion and fear, while falsely presenting itself as a unifying force compensating for a leader who has allegedly gone rogue.          


If your desire is to be part of the Global Restoration Plan, we advise you to avoid working with any groups where the former Director is managing, providing intel, or running operations for physical or spiritual warfare.      

We apologize for the confusion and we are disappointed with the loss of the Viking as part of our team. His experience and expertise were invaluable, and his unfortunate choice to pursue a path of opposition is not unfamiliar to us.

For the record, Kim has not been possessed, TANK is not a secret agent at an underground base in Virginia, and Unicorns are not created by rainbows that appear on holy days. These statements are being made to seduce away from the movement.

Kim, TANK, and the entire Life Force Global Restoration team remain focused and committed to the end goal and the long road ahead to restore this planet. We consider you part of that team and hope you'll stand with us as we adjust to this change in personnel.    


All relevant updates to this matter will be posted as a public notice on all of our websites and social platforms.


This message was reviewed, approved, and endorsed by Ground Commander Kimberly Ann Goguen and Steffen "TANK" Rowe

Director Dismissal Letter Issued by Kimberly Ann Goguen